Earth Hour: 4 effective steps you can take now to make a big change

What is earth hour?

The planet is in crisis resulting from a range of environmental issues from deforestation to climate change and ocean pollution. Luckily, we have the power to fix it when we all decide to take action. Earth hour is a powerful movement joined by millions of people around the globe who together make pledges to help our planet. 

When is it happening?

Saturday 30th March 2019 at 8:30pm GMT

What can I do?

Earth hour encourages everyone globally to switch off their light this Saturday at 8:30pm for an entire hour...but don't stop there! Here are 4 top tips of how you can reduce your carbon footprint and help to make the change. After all the planet's gain is our gain.

1. FOOD: Eat food that is in season

Everything that we buy produces a footprint so aim to purchase food that has been sustainably sourced. By doing so you are not only supporting local agriculture, you are helping the environment to cut down on intense farming processes along with packaging and transport needed for out of season produce.

2. TRAVEL: Plan a staycation!

Travel often represents a huge part of peoples footprint and can undo the good that we do in other areas. Rather than constantly travelling long distance, switch it up and plan a 'staycation', you don't always have to travel far to see something new and beautiful! Cycle more! This is the most eco friendly mode of transport as it creates no emissions whilst keeping you fit and healthy, win win!

3. FASHION: Buy few expensive items 

We as consumers are buying more than what we need which is ending up in landfill at a fast rate. Try to spend more on a few quality pieces that are durable and will last you instead of buying more for cheaper which most of the time ends up failing on you anyway! Who doesn't want a excuse to spend on that expensive dress or piece of swimwear you've been longing for!?

4. HOME: Make the switch

Switch to energy efficient light bulbs which use 80% less power however last  up to 25 times longer. Always remember to turn off lights when leaving a room and if possible look into new smart technology which can control your home from your phone.

"The planet's gain, is our gain" WWF

We hope you found our top tips useful, now let's all continue to make the change together! Join the movement on social and make your own pledge using the hashtags #EarthHourUK #Connect2Earth 

End Deforestation. Tackle Climate Change. Keep Rivers Flowing. Protect Wildlife. Reduce Habitat Loss.

For more information and to calculate your carbon footprint, click here.

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