A Sustainable Future

As most of you who follow our brand know PURSUIT specialises in a conscious way of delivering our products to you. From our swimwear to our packaging, we pride ourselves on having ethical values that are reflected in everything we put our names to. All our garments are sustainable and are made using ECONYL® - a regenerated nylon made from plastic waste from the ocean.

Every year over 8 million tonnes of plastic waste is dumped into our oceans, 90% of seabirds have plastic in their stomach and 1/3 of marine life including dolphins, whales and turtles have been found entangled in ocean waste. If this continues this way by 2050 - there will be more plastic in the sea than fish! Unfortunately we as a collective are responsible for this, but we also have the power to change it. There is NO planet B. 

We encourage you to join us in the movement of using less plastic. This can be done in small everyday changes such as no use of plastic straws or bottles and committing to making considered purchases. From doing this, bit by bit, we can eventually turn this into a habit! If we all work together towards this change we have the power to save our oceans and our planet. 



Hannah & Annabel x