Self-care isolation tips

Self-care from home:

So firstly, we hope everyone is keeping well during this difficult period. This is not easy for anyone however with the world feeling like it has been put on a total pause – this is the perfect time to invest in you! Staying at home has never been so important so we put together some top-tips for self-care at home for you;

  1. Read a book – reading books can bring a whole depth of knowledge, something that you cannot take from a Netflix binge! So set aside 30 mins each day for some reading; whether it be a thrilling novel or a feel-good hit, this can really help to keep your mind productive and teach you something new.
  2. Eat your favourite food (Carbs or no carbs) – now is the perfect chance to get into cooking up some new recipes or allow yourself to indulge in the things you love the most – without any guilt! We all need uplifting during isolation.
  3. Listen to an uplifting Podcast – like books, podcasts are the perfect way to learn something new, you can even multitask with this, while in the bath, cooking or doing house chores. Podcasts are very powerful way of spreading positivity & only require very little time (some as little as 15 mins). We recommend 1 each day; with everybody know working from home we expect podcasts will be very frequent.
  4. Skin/Hair care – Although most of us don’t have anywhere to go, it is vital to keep yourself feeling good. Change up your skin routine, regular facemasks & hair treatments are a must. We can all come out of isolation with less tired/dull skin & silky smooth hair – use this time for your glow up!
  5. Catch up with family & friends – Most of us live very busy lives, being a London based brand we are faced with a rush-hour lifestyle. This is the perfect chance to catch up with old & new friends you don’t get to speak to regular. Checking on family members is an easy way to feel at home even if you are not able to see them right now. A familiar face can lift anybody up when needed.
  6. Learn a new hobby – how many of us use the term of ‘not having enough time’ – now is your chance to take up the hobby you have always wanted to do, learn a new language, play an instrument, dust off the camera you bought for photography & get stuck in! A hobby can keep our minds stimulated & active if you’re feeling unproductive.
  7. Home work outs – This one is so easy to do at the moment; there are so many Instagram lives from fitness guru’s, most of them requiring no gym equipment & easy to do in your front room. Another great way for a ‘feel-good’ moment – get your endorphins flowing!
  8. Enjoy downtime – This can be difficult one to accept when we are spending all day in our homes, but to have some form of normality we need to be able to separate our day from ‘work-time’ & ‘down-time’ – don’t feel guilty for enjoying a glass of your favourite sparkling wine or taking a random Wednesday off if needed. We are all now working completely on freelance terms so you can set up your day however you feel works best for you.
  9. Last but not least, plan a vacation for when this is all over – Now is a great time to do some research on different parts of the world, places that you have always wanted to visit. Indulge in some YouTube blogs & start making a plan for when this is all over, its something for us to look forward to & I’m sure like us you will be dying to travel somewhere new in a few months time!

That’s all from us, we hope this inspired you in some way to try something new & to remember invest in yourself during this time, as it’s the best thing that you can do! If anybody needs to chat or wants somebody to talk to, we are more than here for all of you – drop us an email (address found in our contact section)

Lots of love & stay safe

Hannah & Annabel x