'The Ethical Aesthetic'

Why should all ethical fashion be minimalist?

We're approaching the subject, why do all sustainable brands look the same? Neutral, Purist, minimalist, scandi borderline basic. We're not knocking this aesthetic, it is classic and tasteful, however we must acknowledge that there are a whole bunch of us who want to consume consciously whilst simultaneously wearing fashion-led, sustainable clothing...

There's no question that Instagram is filled with images of what is currently the most commonly presented sustainable aesthetic. Impeccably curated neutral feeds with desaturated photo filters applied, the single pieces of clothing hung neatly from an old white hanger, most likely to be plain white tees or denim made using less 90% less water in the process. This got us thinking, is our image even ethical? or is our thought process being shaped by a very specific and limiting narrative?

When we started our brand, we were dying to inject some creativity into this space! Day after day we see the emergence of new sustainable brands, some swimwear brands, some clothing, and time and time again, they scream the same message, ethical = plain. We're here to tell you, ethical fashion needn't be this way. We don't need to change up our style to 'fit in', this isn't a fad it's a movement and one that will be shaped around our personal sense of style and not the other way around. 

The real reason why minimalism is blind sighting conscious customers...

Living with less   A core value amongst conscious consumers is living with less. When everything you own matches everything else you own, this is easier done (see 10x10 challenge). Moreover, by doing this, we are at the same time concealing our own personal stamps. Clothing is an amazing tool that we can use to demonstrate our quirks, our personalities, our mood that day. What happens when you are feeling a certain type of way, you reach for your brightest jumpsuit and you are limited to a navy/black or grey twin set? ... okay this is taking it to extremes but the underlying factor remains the same. 

'Fun' fabrics are in development  Sustainable materials, as in fabrics made from recycled waste are still a new and innovative fabric to market. It is still very early days for there to exist a wide variety of sustainable fabrics, trims and hardware. For example, you won't be seeing any sustainable sequins on our swimsuits any time soon. Although this is limiting in terms of product design, we are very excited for innovation to take place and to gradually introduce cutting edge, sustainable features to our suits!



Sustainable without compromising on our fashion roots. 

You shouldn't have to kiss crazy prints or bright colours goodbye to express a conscious way of shopping. At Pursuit, we believe in Fashion first and it just so happens that we produce ethically and using sustainable materials. Without compromising on the design factor.  

Why is the fashion element so important to us?

Both co-founders, Annabel and Hannah are from a fashion background and actually met on the first day of their Fashion Buying degree at The University of Westminster in 2012. They created Pursuit after graduating, not only as a proactive solution to marine pollution, but also to inject some design element into the UK swimwear market which they both felt was lagging behind! 

So there you have it, as we said, sustainability isn't a fad, it's a movement, it's crucial we all pull together as a community to make the necessary conscious changes we can towards a more sustainable future. Let's just not forget our own sense of personal style along the way...

Love from Annabel & Hannah at Pursuit

p.s We're Sustainable