A day at home with our Founders

Disclaimer: we aren't unfortunately sat on a lounger outside Blowout Ibiza as pictured (left to right: Annabel & Hannah) we're working from home in North London like most of the nation right now. We're feeling positive and using this time to work hard on Pursuit and also a bit of 'me' time!

We thought it's been a while since we've done a little Founders Feature so we thought we'd give you an little insight into our days at home as well as our ultimate summer destinations and essentials...

Q: How are you coping with staying home?

H: Whilst this time is tricky & challenging, I've tried to set daily habits that keep me productive and challenged. This has included daily reading, meditating and regular walks. 

A: At first, it took me a bit of time to adjust and figure out a new routine. I realised that it's super important for me to do a mini home workout or at least get some fresh air in order for me to be productive in my work. 

Q: How are you dealing with your mental health during this time?

H: I have to admit, my weakness during this time is procrastinating...I find that some days I don't start my tasks later in the day, this is a strange feeling however I am finding that listening to podcasts really helps this!

A: I am an introvert so love to be home in general and am seeing this time as an opportunity to get things done as usually it's all systems go! Now, I have time to make myself a breakfast smoothie which is unheard of!

Co-founder, Annabel wearing The Viper Suit, £135

Q: Have you taken up any new skills or hobbies?

H: I have improved my cooking skills as life is usually so busy that I don't have time to cook as I would like to. 

A: I have been reading healthy cook books about gut health whilst simultaneously eating pizza...woops!

Q: What are you wearing, clothing or swimwear?

A: As soon as I see a peak of sunlight, the swimwear comes out! You have to make the best of it so I've been sat by the window with SPF on!

H: Swimwear of course! but only when it's sunny. We're lucky that the weather has been so nice recently. I have been tanning on my balcony with my coffee and my laptop!

Co-Founder, Hannah wearing The Viper Sculpt in Racer Red, £135.00

Q: What's your ultimate getaway?

A: Vlore, Albania is my new favourite destination as it's a little hidden gem! I now go every September when the summer holidays are finished as it's quieter. You can eat the freshest seafood, sunbathe with a 360 view of the ocean and visit the impressive caves!

H: I'm visiting LA in October, I love the American vibe! This will be my first time visiting L.A, I want to do the full experience - Jeeps, roller blading & some Beverley Hills shopping!

Q: What's your holiday essential?

A: My camera! I hate missing moments plus my memory is terrible so it really helps to take pictures of everything!

H: A good summer playlist! I am a huge fan of music, I can't go a day without listening to my favourite songs. I always make a new playlist when I go away and start playing it on the plane to get me in the mood.

Q: What's your favourite Swimwear trend?

A: My favourite swim trend is high cut swimsuits and square neck as this is super flattering for body shape! I usually always wear monochrome and steer clear from colour but once I saw Lucie in our Cosmo Pink swimsuit, I gave in!

H: Surf inspired - I love a sporty look in general in my day to day, I wouldn't say I'm girly at all! The sports look is my go to as it's easy to wear and you can put a pair of Levi shorts on and that's my holiday look!

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