We are Pursuit, a London born sustainable swimwear label transforming regenerated ocean waste into luxury statement swimsuits. 

Each individual piece is designed in house by founders Annabel & Hannah, two friends who met on their very first day of their Fashion Buying course at The University of Westminster, London in 2012. 
It was during their time at university that they learned of the harmful facts about the wasteful fashion industry which hit a mark with them.  In 2017, one year after graduating, the pair decided to combine their skills to create a brand with a purpose with the goal to be at the forefront of the sustainable fashion industry. The pair design each collection with each female body shape in mind and provide a mix & match option allowing their loyal eco focused following to shop in a way which bests suits them! 

"We knew that the future of fashion had to change. We both made the decision to turn our passion into a business with a deeper purpose"



Hannah grew up as a dancer which gave her a creative flow and she always demonstrated a love for fashion from a young age, in particular swimwear! Hannah is a city girl through and through and decided to pursue her dream to work within the industry in the big city of london. The core of pursuit.


Annabel grew up in the French Alps amongst a family of entrepreneurs, from a young age, she was always taken by fashion and so she decided to further her knowledge by moving to London to study a Fashion Buying Management degree where she met fellow co-founder Hannah.

 Our inspiration

The city woman is the inspiration behind the collection - making considered choices with an enthusiasm for travel and life. Pursuit meets city confidence with beach lifestyle...all of the bikinis are reversible with an aim of convenience, practicality and of course style! Pursuit design ethos is taken from London's urban surroundings, the city's vibrant diversity is the inspiration behind the unique ROC print which features throughout the collection.

We hope that you love the brand as much as we enjoy building it!

Annabel & Hannah