How to care for your sustainable swimwear

While a good tan is bound to fade, when cared for properly, your swimsuits colour should be just as vibrant as the day you first tried it on! We know that taking care of your swimwear can seem like a hassle with the hinderance of sun lotion, salt water and chlorine causing discolouration but rest assured, we have the solution with our top tips on how to care for your sustainable swimwear...

Please note, buckle waist belts should at no point come into contact with chlorinated water when worn on the body as this will cause fabric discolouration. We strongly advise removing the buckle waist belt before swimming in chlorinated pools to keep you swimsuit in tip top condition.  

 Pursuit's top tips for the best swimwear aftercare:

1. Pre-treat any stains by mixing baking soda with lukewarm water to create a paste. Lightly work the paste into the area and rinse. Be sure to apply the mix & rinse one coloured fabric area at a time to avoid the fabric dye mixing which will cause permanent stains.

2. Best practise is to remove excess salt water and chlorine after each wear by rinsing in a bath of cold to lukewarm water with mild to no detergent. If you haven't been in chlorinated or salt water, wash swimwear every 3-5 wears.

3. Rinse well and gently roll swimwear in a towel to remove excess water. Try not to wring your swimsuit as this could alter its shape.

4. Lay flat to dry, if outdoors, dry in the shade avoiding direct sunlight. Do not tumble dry or place swimsuit near any artificial heat as this significantly decreases the lifetime of your swimsuit.

Additional care tips:

  • Do not pack wet swimwear with other garments
  • Certain sun lotions and tanning oils can cause heavy stains, avoid applying them near the fabric at all cost. 
  • Buckle waist belts should be removed before coming into contact with chlorinated water to avoid fabric discolouration. 
  • Be aware that overexposure to chemicals such heavily chlorinated water and sunlight can naturally cause swimwear to fade over time and breakdown lycra. Take turns to wear different pieces of swimwear to prolong each pieces lifecycle.

We hope this helps!