COVID 19 update: We're here for you

In unprecedented times such as these, it is even more important for our Pursuit community to come together to support each other. We wanted to take the time to reassure all of our incredible Pursuit girls that we are here with you and doing the best we can as a small business to make this tough time a little brighter.


Each piece of Pursuit Swimwear is made in small production runs here in the UK by our trusted factory who we continue to work closely with to ensure the health & safety of each worker whilst adhering to the government regulations. Due to the circumstances and with the situation as it is in Italy, we are currently unable to source more of our beautiful quality fabric. Unfortunately, this means that we will be releasing a limited amount of sizes until we can source more fabric to introduce the remaining units. We apologise for any disappointment, we are doing our utmost to introduce the remaining sizes for you. We hope that you can all understand.


In a time like this, being a small team serves us well. Co-founder Annabel continues to prepare and ship each individual order ensuring to take extra precautionary measures to maintain our hygiene standards. We ship our UK and International orders with Royal Mail who are now no longer accepting signature on delivery to reduce the risk of transmission. UK Orders with selected ‘Special Delivery’ via Royal Mail will be shipped by 1pm the next working day. For Royal Mail updates see here. Our Express shipping partner DHL are continuing to operate their international express service however there may be shipping delays by 2/3 days. If you missed your parcel, DHL will hold the shipment for up to 7 days. For more information please see here.


Due to the global shipping delays, we have made the decision to extend our exchanges & refunds policy to now accept any exchanges/refunds up to 8 weeks from date of purchase. All items returned to us need to be in original condition, with hygiene sticker & swing ticket still attached. Please ensure to fill out the exchanges/refunds form found within your order. Postage for return items is the responsibility of the customer and not compensated by Pursuit. If you have any questions regarding our policy, please do get in touch via email


We would love to offer a unique discount to our incredible health heroes working harder than ever to support the nation and taking care of each of our loved ones. If you’re an NHS worker and would like to buy a suit, please send us a message here and we’ll send you your unique discount code valid of any piece from our collection. We know that sunshine and holidays isn’t your priority right now but we hope this helps to brighten your day a little! Also stay tuned for a little competition coming on our 2 year anniversary on 28th May!


This is one of our favourite motto’s to live by! As a small business, we are doing all we can to show our support & appreciation to every single person out there who is putting somebody else’s needs before their own and deserves a little reward! We hope that with all of our small gestures combined, we can be a force for good! 

Lots of love as always, stay safe! Annabel & Hannah

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“At a time when our economy is still growing as strong as ever and while unemployment is less than 5 per cent, it is right to ensure that jobs in this sector are secure.

“However, despite our commitment to boost employment growth by providing investment and jobs, we must ensure that we also have the right jobs for our women.”

“Women have been in the forefront of this country’s journey to build the global economy. The government has already helped to launch a record of jobs creation.

“And now it has committed to a further 20,000 new jobs in the public sector by 2022, with the help of the Government’s Strategic Growth Strategy.

“This will help us to create the next generation of economic, scientific and technological leaders across the world, helping to strengthen our economy, expand jobs and create jobs.

“I am confident that we will be able to secure our nation’s long term prosperity and that our female workforce will have the best start in the 21st century.”

The Government will make another announcement today on the gender pay gap.

Gippsland hospitals meet ambulance transfers to and from an ambulance bay and provide free, safe, efficient, accessible health care on an international basis.

Families can receive the same services provided for individuals as they do at home.

The cost of delivering to and from a patient’s address is managed by local hospital authorities and their patients can make their own arrangements for transport between their home hospital and the nearest ambulance bay or home.

Hospital care is a long-term, expensive commitment. Hospitals do not accept emergency services or long term rehabilitation or care, so when a person’s health or safety requires care there they must be taken to that hospital.

This can be a difficult and long journey.

Where an ambulance arrives in New Zealand an ambulance crew will:

Assess if the need for an ambulance cannot be met by a medical specialist

Assess the medical risk of the patient and assess whether there are good options at hand

Provide a referral to the nearest hospital or to one that has a nearby ambulance bay

For ambulance services to arrive in New Zealand a certain amount of time must pass before an ambulance can be loaded with medical personnel and taken to the area in need of a medical rescue.

If an ambulance service does not have a team of staff with experience of medical support at a specified destination, medical advice and the transport of medical personnel from there on in the same service may not be available. Therefore when an ambulance service stops service it can simply leave that area without care in place.

Most hospitals allow individual staff of a group to drive an ambulance to a designated location in the greater New Zealand area, typically close to where the person will be seeking hospital treatment.

Hospital services do not always need to be transported from an ambulance bay or ambulance room. For instance an urgent care call could be sent to a primary care unit for urgent care at that location.

Ambulances are not normally registered with the National Health Service. This is due to confidentiality clauses in the NHS Civil Service Contract.

An ambulance company may also be required to register with the State Emergency Services Agency for transport of medical personnel.

In New Zealand ambulance services are not required to report on a patient’s condition to their local hospital’s hospital emergency services team to identify the patient, to collect information to support the ambulance service’s performance, or to make requests about the patient’s personal condition or health or safety at the time of care. This is not reported to the Department of Health.

It is not uncommon for doctors at a hospital, such as GP, paediatricians, nurse practitioners, physician assistant, etc, to receive treatment from a medical team in the area. For these services it may be necessary to travel from a different hospita

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