Details in the Design

At Pursuit, each collection is designed in-house. When we launched the brand we had a strong clear vision for what we wanted to produce, we made it our mission to design each piece of swimwear originally & authentically - true to our brand & most importantly to empower everyone who wears it! 

Inspiration when designing 

From having spent many years working & studying in the fashion industry, we have a great understanding of the design process, we take inspiration from a variety of sources - from our favourite catwalk shows to looking back through fashion history. 

Something we stand by hugely is being authentic, a lot of time & thought goes into our designs to ensure that they are creative, unique & original to Pursuit. Before designing a new piece we begin by creating a 'vibe' this includes mood boards of colours & inspiration, images of shapes & cuts. From here we begin to design new pieces. We sketch up between 20/30 designs & then narrow them down into around 10. We then develop the 10 designs often taking elements from each one & mixing them together until we get our favourite piece! 

Female silhouette 

This has always been something that we have put at the forefront when designing. As women we can appreciate that the female body comes in various shapes and sizes, we both have very different body types, so when designing we both have a personal input as to what works for different body shapes. All our designs are based around what flatters the female silhouette. 

Pursuit signatures 

These are the design elements that we believe have shaped our brand & made our core pieces. 

Sculpting paneling - each swimsuit features side paneling to enhance the curve of the female body. While it is very common to have just one piece of fabric as a swimsuit, we feel that a swimsuit should enhance & help to shape your body. 

High-leg's - a high cut leg makes the legs appear longer & is flattering on all body types. 

High-neck & zip - Our high-neck & zip features appear on all of our current swimsuits. These allow you to change up your look whether you are sunbathing, partying or surfing - fashion & function! 

What's coming next...

When designing our new collection we wanted to stick to our signature detailing from our original designs but have a unique take on our new pieces  - we took alot of inspiration from opulent lingerie. We wanted to infuse elements of enhancing lingerie, in-particular corsets and mix it with swimwear - making you feel the most confident at your most exposed.