Celebrating International Women's Day!

Females all over the globe unite together every year on March 8th to celebrate a day dedicated to themselves… So we ask what does this day actually mean & what does it stand for?

IWD is one of the very few dates on our social calendar that doesn’t involve race, age or religion, infact it is a day that brings women no matter what background, together! 


On this day 15,000 women marched the streets of New York City demanding shorter hours, more pay & their right to vote.


An International conference was held in Copenhagen where a woman named Clara Zetkin established IWD. This idea was proposed worldwide & approved by over 100 women attending conferences across the globe.


It took over 50 years for IWD to build up but finally in 1975 it was celebrated for the first time by the United Nations.


Internationalwomensday.com launched, a hub to celebrate the achievements & successes of women all over the world.


Today we notice a dramatic shift in society, female teachers/doctors/astronauts/prime ministers can be seen worldwide. The move towards equal pay is still an ongoing topic...

Female Empowerment

At Pursuit our main aim is to empower the woman who wears our swimwear. While we love the celebration of IWD, we feel that it is important to always celebrate yourself & your achievements no matter how big or small they may be.

In the early stages of our brand, we were drawn to the colour purple; from lilac to ultra-violet. Purple is one of 3 colours that represents the female (along with white & green) the purple stands for dignity & justice.

We launched our debut collection with a focus on this female empowering colour; ROC print in Ultra-Violet was designed exclusively for us. Our print displays a mix of lilac & ultra-violet tones.

Following on from this for SS19 we wanted to choose a colour that also has a deeper meaning for females… PINK!

Pink is often related to Barbie dolls & glitter; however what this colour really represents is compassion, romance & most importantly self-love!

Why is it so important to love yourself?

And by love yourself, we don’t mean standing in a mirror taking 1000 selfie’s to post to your Instagram story! Being happy & confident with yourself is something we should all strive for. Whether you have just landed a promotion at work, started a new hobby or simply dedicated time aside each week for yourself; why not celebrate?

Life runs at 100mph, especially if you live in a city like we do; London can chew you up & spit you back out again & if you don’t take real control of your life it can become overly hectic & impossible to manage. This is why feeling good & putting your happiness first is so important! You can do anything with the right mindset right? (All these books we read seem to reassure us of this!)


Our top tips for ‘You time’

We all have things that we enjoy & moments of indulgence, so here are our favourite things to do to treat ourselves (in no particular order!):

  1. A glass of something (Anything!)

Tea/Coffee/Champagne… it all feels so comforting! Especially after a long day of meetings or just so much as getting on the London underground in rush-hour! If its champagne/wine we tend to not stop at the glass either, but whatever the choice that day it always makes the day seem a little easier (especially if things go wrong).

  1. Reading a book

When we were at university we avoided reading or spending hours in the library like the rest of our classmates (If we were in the library we would order pizza & gossip about our dating life), however after graduating and starting our business we both have enough books to open our own library! You can learn so much from one simple book, whether it teaches you something about a skill or simply helps you change your daily habits & mind set – they should be a part of everybody’s daily routine! 

  1. Face mask & candle-lit bath

This is something everybody should experience – male or female! This is particularly powerful after a long day at work, a perfect place to meditate & reflect on the day/week/month or year!

  1. A dinner with your gal pals

Catching up with your fellow females; discussing everything from dates, holidays, skincare regimes or venting about problems is one of the best ways to spend a Friday night!

  1. And finally last but not least - A VACATION!

We know this is not accessible all year round but it makes the wait worth it! Probably everyone’s favourite way of treating themselves, whether it is partying the night away in one of Ibiza’s super clubs, relaxing on a hidden beach in the Caribbean or surfing in Australia’s gold coast – this is the ultimate ‘Treat yourself’ (Also perfect excuse to buy Pursuit swimwear & treat yourself some more!)


We hope all you females enjoy this day of celebration but most importantly we hope you celebrate yourselves everyday of the year!


Lots of love

Hannah & Annabel