POWER IN PURSUIT: Chloe McNiven - Entrepreneur, Life Coach & Dancer

What an amazing start it has been to our Power in Pursuit blog series! We were amazed to hear how many of you were inspired by Lucie Rose Donlan's interview where she discussed how not fitting in caused her to feel like an outsider and how she overcame this.

For this blog feature, we have a very special interviewee! We all have that friend whose strength we can't help but admire so this next interviewee came from just under our noses! Now, a highly successful entrepreneur & life coach, this wasn't always the path she thought she'd find herself on. Sadly, Chloe experienced a very difficult childhood becoming victim to abuse however she has channelled her energies into making her childhood dreams become a reality and is now helping others who have suffered the same fate to face their emotions and to live the life of their dreams! We are proud to introduce you to the inspiration that is Chloe McNiven...

Chloe wears the Strike suit in Grunge Green 

Pursuit: Tell us about your childhood & how you have built the life that you have today.

Chloe: Growing up in Glasgow was tough but its also what taught me many of my valuable life lessons, It taught me to be resilient and find the power to chase my dreams. Being brought up on a council estate having little money and opportunity was a life of fear, suffering and judgement, it left me little hope and aspiration. I was raised in an environment of drugs and domestic abuse, so dealing with adversity was something I was conditioned to cope with from a young age. Sadly the story didn’t end there, At 12 years old I was a victim of sexual abuse. This is a secret I decided to keep for myself. Gratefully, I found my escapism, a place to be liberated, numb the pain, a place to express and feel my emotions. This slowly became my life and focus and resulted in me leaving school at 15 years old with little education but a burning desire to achieve my dreams of becoming a professional dancer. 

Fast forward 10 years and I began to witness my dreams come true. I went on to work with some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry, touring all over the world, working across music, television and movies. I have since gone onto built a successful property development company and coaching business. Over the last few years I have done significant work to face, accept and forgive my past this has let me overcome my trauma and emotional pain, but it has also given me clarity on the type of life I want to live. It has also taught me that our tests in life are there as our teachers, they are what enables growth and strength. More importantly, you value kindness, compassion and it teaches you how to live a non-judgemental life. 


Pursuit: From being a professional dancer, to DJing, property development, life coaching & soon to be mum, how did you make the transition between these areas of your life? 

Chloe: I do believe to live a fulfilling life you have to constantly be in a flow of creation. Creativity is vital for growth and happiness. I am extremely passionate about each project I am involved in so I seem to have found a way to incorporate each of these into my life and they all seem to work in harmony together. Having different projects on the go requires me to strategically plan and delegate my time accordingly. Having built up my performing career over the last 10 years allows me to choose the jobs that work around my property and coaching business allowing me to still experience each industry I am passionate about. I do firmly believe in human potential and transformation, we are capable of more than we believe possible so for me becoming a mum will only enhance my mission for success. I have no plans to stop working towards my dreams, if anything I now have even more motivation to succeed I want to prove that becoming a mum doesn't mean you have to lose yourself and your truth in the process It only enhances your experience and journey.


Pursuit: If you had to pick one, what would be your proudest moment to date?

Chloe: At the age of 27 I finally decided, it was time to face my fears and get the justice I deserved for my child abuse, which thankfully was a success. I wanted to gain back control, deal with my emotional pain and live the life I deserved. It was extremely challenging, I wanted to give up, I didn’t feel strong enough to overcome this dark time in my life.  I'm not telling you this for dramatic purposes or to gain sympathy, I'm doing it in the hope that someone reading this can see how possible it is to change from one mental state to another. I'm also doing it to prove that by finding peace and forgiveness you can heal the wounds of your past something I didn't previously have awareness of. This is what results in you living a more fulfilling life. Healing gives you a better understanding of the neurology of how the mind works and it proves that by the power of thought, willingness and sheer hard work we are all able to change and rewrite our story. Humans ultimately have two choices, adopt a fixed mindset or a growth mindset, I have experienced both and I want to share the power in adapting to a growth mindset.

My purpose is to serve and heal others. I do believe that what I went through was a crucial part in me gaining the tools and knowledge required for me to do so. I have now want to shared my method with the world to save other people from suffering. I feel extremely proud that I am able to help others find their truth and heal the pain of their past. Getting to watch them find their true potential and achieve their goals truly is my proudest moment to date.

Pursuit: How have you found your time in isolation? Have you experienced moments of struggle & if so how did you overcome these? 

Chloe: Like most industries my business has been hugely been affected by the pandemic. Being 7 months pregnant this was a challenging time, it forced me to reassess my strategy and future. Instead of feeling defeated I have adapted my strategy and took it as an opportunity to grow and learn. What has helped me stay focused and able to overcome this set of new challenges has been my morning routine and rituals these are what keep me grounded to my truth. Making sure each day I give myself the care my body and mind deserve. Yoga, Meditation, workouts, reading and journaling. I tend to not get too engrossed in the news and fear the pandemic is causing, I do believe this is a chance for us all to look within and become an even stronger better version of yourself. 

Pursuit: What advice would you give to your younger self? 

Chloe: In life we have only 2 options, we either win or we learn! Every challenge or storm we encounter is an opportunity for us to grow. To also live a life of passion, kindness and to serve others. 

Mind power is one of the most influential and most useful powers we possess. This power consists of your thoughts, the thoughts that pass through your mind are responsible for everything that happens in your life.

Follow Chloe on Instagram @chloeferns, read more on her website http://thechloemethod.co