World Environment Day: channelling our reflections into Pursuit

"What if 2020 is the year we've been waiting for?"

 The world has recently brought to light many issues that had been underlying for some time. 
With most of the world either coming to the end of lockdown or just getting back to reality, the global pandemic really hit home, and forced the entire planet slow down. The pandemic came with its many challenges, which we were proud to see faced head on by our NHS workers and volunteers around the globe. 
Moreover, now is a pivotal moment in time as the Black Lives Matter movement has become the largest civil rights movement in history. Not even a global pandemic could keep communities from coming together in a peaceful protest towards racial equality and we couldn't be prouder. To our customers and community, we want you to know that we stand by you, we stand with you and we support you. We believe in inclusivity and equality and will always stand up for what we believe. This marks a new global movement which in turn will inspire future generations.

This World Environment Day gives us time to reflect and channel our thoughts and emotions into all of our future collections. Fashion is a way for us to express ourselves, when designing our collections, the most important word, which is constantly in our mind is: empowerment. We should all feel that we have a voice, this is what empowerment means to us. We are constantly receiving heartfelt messages from our customers telling us how strong, confident and empowered they felt wearing their Pursuit Swimwear. This is what keeps us creative and we continue to feel constantly inspired by the strong influences that surround us.. (more on this, stay tuned on an exciting new blog series we have coming...)

Alongside these values, it is important to us as individuals to be as eco-friendly as possible in each and every aspect of our brand. A notable result of the pandemic was the instant drop in production which gave the planet a much needed breather from the mass consumption it is used to. This, combined with the instant drop in travel significantly reduced pollution. 

We are so proud to be able to say that 100% of our collections are made purely from ECONYL®, a nylon fibre made post consumer waste materials. By using a regenerated fibre, this means that we are not taking any new resources from the planet in the making of our garments. It is essential to us that no hazardous ingredients are involved in the process of creating our final swimsuit. As well as using this innovative fibre in the production of our swimwear, we want to take a more proactive role in leading the shift to greater sustainability. We recognise that it takes more than sourcing sustainable materials to be sustainable as a whole. We have exciting plans for the future to become a fully circular company soon able to take back customers old swimsuits and recycling them into brand new pieces! We also have plans to make our supply chain fully visible to those buying our swimwear so that you can experience full transparency. 

We want to finish this off by saying a huge thank you to the incredible teachers and influences that we have been fortunate enough to work alongside and continue to be inspired by. You are the reason for Pursuit.

Love, Annabel & Hannah